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Vocational Cooperative Education

EL 4311, 4312

Grade Levels:11, 12
Course Length:Semester
Credits:0.5 per semester
Prerequisites:Junior or Senior class standing with a minimum of 5 classroom assignments and passing grades.

Vocational Cooperative Education is a program between the school and cooperative employers encouraging student development of work habits and work-related skills.  Students must find and maintain employment at an approved job site and must work an average of 10 to 12 hours per week.  Students must have employment with a local business and will not be allowed to work for a family member.  Each student may be released from school for up to one period per day if needed paperwork and classroom responsibilities have been taken care of properly. The Vocational Co-op instructor will monitor job performance and hours.  A weekly time sheet will be turned in to the instructor every Monday and/or Friday.  This experience is graded on pass/fail basis and will not apply to the student’s overall GPA.