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Studio Art

ART 3371, 3372

Grade Levels:11, 12
Course Length:2 Semesters
Credits:0.5 per semester
Prerequisites:A grade in Art II and instructor approval

Advanced level art class that applies skills learned in both Art 1 and Art 2. The student fosters and builds on his art experience in formulating a style and area of strength that they might pursue after high school. Time is allotted for independent study to facilitate this goal as well as blocks of teacher-designed projects to build on basic skills and to introduce new areas of study. There is the opportunity to gain college credit by completing the advanced placement in art requirements. Junior level students have the option of starting the advanced placement in art portfolio at this level. Besides adding the experiences learned in Art 1 and Art 2, students will explore black and white photography, stained glass, silk batik and higher upper level clay work. They will also be introduced to electronic media, such as digital photography and computer generated design, as well as art history and art careers. Students will also gain experience with art appreciation principles using critiques, field trips, and presentations.