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A.P. Government and Politics

SS 4371, 4372

Grade Levels:12
Course Length:2 Semesters
Credits:0.5 per semester
Recommended:Recommendation from 11th grade English teacher, and American History teacher
Prerequisites:Enrollment limits apply. Students must maintain an overall B GPA.
Subject:Social Studies

Students will understand the challenge of American democracy by investigating the modern dilemma facing our government and its people; namely, to what extent are we willing to sacrifice personal freedoms for the benefit of order and/or equality in society? Students will critically analyze their own positions on a variety of issues facing our government today, using a two-dimensional framework rooted in three core American values: freedom, equality, and order. Course themes include: dilemmas of democracy, foundations of American Government, linking people with government, institutions of government, civil rights and liberties, political processes, and the making of public policy. Students will also consider America’s changing role in the world community as witnessed through current events and the phenomenon of globalization. This is a college level advance placement course, demanding substantial reading, research, writing, discussion, and presentation skills. This course will be taken in lieu of P.A.D. for the senior year social studies government credit.