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American History

SS 3211, 3212

Grade Levels:11
Course Length:2 Semesters
Credits:0.5 per semester
Prerequisites:11th grade enrollment and passing grade in World History
Subject:Social Studies
Required Course

Students will study the history of the Americas from the seeds of revolution and declaring independence to the present, emphasizing the nation’s binding heritage of a democratic vision of liberty, equality, and justice. Through this course, students will be prepared for private lives of personal integrity and fulfillment, as well as for public life as democratic citizens. This preparation is attained by investigating and understanding major events that have tested the American democratic vision: the American Revolution and creating a government, the living Constitution, reform movements, the Industrial Age, Immigrants and Urbanization, WWI, the Great Depression and the New Deal, WWII, the Cold War, Civil Rights, Vietnam and the role of the United States in today’s world.