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Conceptual Physics

SCI 3621, 3622

Grade Levels:10, 11, 12
Course Length:2 Semesters
Credits:0.5 per Semester

Students build their science knowledge and understanding on a concrete, fundamental physics foundation that supports the content of later AP chemistry, AP biology and AP physics courses. The course emphasizes conceptual understanding of key concepts with a heavy emphasis on hands-on learning activities.

Conceptual Physics is an activity-based physics course in which students are challenged to solve a problem that is identified at the beginning of each unit. Students solve problems using the knowledge learned from the unit. New content is presented in a variety of learning formats. Students learn from experiments and by asking a series of questions; e.g., Why are seatbelts important? Why is loud music hazardous? Why is communication with extra-terrestrials difficult? Units of Study: Kinematics, Newton’s Laws, Conservation Laws, Electricity, Waves