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SCI 3361, 3362

Grade Levels:10, 11, 12
Course Length:2 Semesters
Credits:0.5 per semester

Content Standards: The Chemistry standards focus on student growth in understanding the nature of science. This scientific view defines the idea that explanations of nature are developed and tested using observations, experimentation, models, evidence, and systematic processes. The nature of science includes the concepts that scientific explanations are based on logical thinking; are subject to rules of evidence; are consistent with observational, inferential, and experimental evidence; are open to rational critique; and are subject to refinement and change with the addition of new scientific evidence. The nature of science includes the concept that science can provide explanations about nature, can predict potential consequences of actions, but cannot be used to answer all questions. Chemistry content standards emphasize focus on content in the study of the following: Science as a process; Matter and change; Scientific measurement; Atomic structure, including electrons; Nuclear Chemistry; Periodic Table; Ionic, metallic and covalent bonding; Chemical names and formulas, quantities and reactions; Stoichiometry; States of matter, including behavior of gases and solutions; Thermochemistry; Reaction Rates and Equilibrium, including oxidation-reduction reactions; Acids, Bases and Salts.