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12 A.P. English

ENG 4371, 4372

Grade Levels:12
Course Length:2 Semesters
Credits:0.5 per semester
Prerequisites:Minimum grade of 83% in Advanced Eng. 11, Score of 24 on the PLAN/ACT tests, and instructor approval

This course is taught as a college course. Students will develop comprehension of movements and trends in literature as they reflect contemporary and traditional values, culture, and literary techniques. All novels and other selections will be chosen based on literary merit and will represent a cross-section of various literary time periods and world views. Students will develop oral and written communication skills which will ready them for college work. Students will enhance research skills by researching and writing a full-length research paper with documentation. The goal is for the students to position themselves to take the AP English exam in the spring of the year. Enrollment limits apply, and students must maintain a B average in the course.