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Ski Club

...there is something for everyone.
Welcome to the Ski Club page and welcome to the life-long sport of skiing and/or snowboarding! 
It is our hope that you will enjoy the excitement and thrill of this great sport here in Montana.  Skiing, however, can be dangerous if proper precautions are not taken.  The rules and guidelines established for our Ski Club are intended to insure the safety and protection of each member.  Have a safe and enjoyable ski season.
Check out the local slopes:

Ski Club is open to all students of the Lewistown Junior High School and Fergus High School.  Parents are welcome and encouraged to come also.  They will get the same discounted prices for lift tickets, rentals, etc. as the students. Additional voices of reason are always welcome.


The club is organized for providing all interested students the opportunity to participate in the lifelong sport of skiing.


The club assesses dues to pay for their transportation on ski trips.  This is a $35.00 fee to all members.  This is a non-refundable membership fee.


Skiing and snowboarding are FUN!  They are one of the few sports where anyone of any skill level can have fun.  Don’t let your friend’s skill or experience intimidate you – just try it – it’s a blast!


If you are in sports and other activities, you may still find it worthwhile to join Ski Club.  Notice the trip schedule dates – there are several during Christmas break, several Sunday trips planned and the overnight trip at the end of the season is scheduled after winter sports have ended.