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Mission Statement:

The mission of Fergus High School is to challenge and prepare students to become enthusiastic lifelong learners, problem solvers and contributing members of society. Our students will be empowered to make a living, make a life, and make a difference.

Fergus High Vision Statement:

The staff at Fergus High School, along with parents and community members, recognizes their critical role in providing educational opportunities for all students. They are dedicated to establishing and maintaining a safe environment which fosters a positive attitude and a commitment to excellence. As a result, all students at Fergus will be challenged to develop their social, personal, and academic talents to the fullest extent possible. Particular emphasis will be placed on those skills which are necessary in order to become a happy, productive and contributing citizen of the 21st century.

Fergus High Belief Statements:

1. Safe schools - All students and staff will contribute to a safe, drug/alcohol free learning environment.

2. Critical and creative thinking - All students will develop critical and creative thinking skills.

3. Positive self image - All students will be valued and respected as individuals.

4. School to career - All students will develop needed academic, technical and life skills for the transition from school to work.

5. Responsibility - All students will take responsbility for their behavior and their learning.

6. Social skills - All students will develop social skills and appropriate behavior that assist in becoming responsible citizens.

7. Student success - All students will learn, achieve and succeed throughout their lifetime.

8. Stakeholders - All members of the school community will be included in the decision-making process.

9. Participation - All students will actively participate in academics and the global community can develop honesty, integrity, and respect for themselves and others.