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Core/Flex is designed to allow students more flexibility to obtain one-on-one assistance in Core subject areas from Core teachers.

Advisory groups worked amazingly well last year and will continue so that teachers can make connections with students in small, group settings outside of the classroom. Advisory is scheduled every Monday morning and each day at the beginning of each Core/Flex cycle. (see below for more details). 

Open periods/Honor Passes have been scheduled away from Core/Flex time so that our students are in the building during the middle of the educational day. 

Student schedules are now divided into different types of DAYS and CYCLES 

There are Core DAYS and Advisory DAYS. Click HERE to see what that rotation looks like.

On Advisory days (red) - students will attend their Advisory Course.

On Core Days (blue) - depending on their grades, students will either be in Core or Flex. 


  • Core - Students who have a D- or an F in a course will be assigned to a Core class with that teacher. 
  • Flex - Students who have no D- or F in any course will have Flex time. This is a time when they are not assigned to any particular area, but MUST STAY IN THE BUILDING. They have the flexibility to go to any teacher for extra help or gather any missing work. 


When you look at your schedule on the Infinite Campus Portal you will see it divided into Core and Advisory Days. At the beginning of each CYCLE, your schedule may change depending on your grades. If you are failing in any of your Core classes, you will be assigned a Core class during the flex period (9:54AM - 10:20AM). If you are not failing, you will have the flexibility to spend that 20 minutes within the FHS building in designated Flex areas. 

Goal of Core/Flex

Our goal is to keep Core classes small with 6-8 students so that they can receive the help they need. Students who have more than one low grade, will be assigned to the Core class with the lowest grade first, then be moved to other Core classes as they complete work to bring their grades up to passing.